Date:May 03, 2012

WordZone Launched

WordZone is the new online word game, where you can beat your FaceBook friends or random opponents and go for the highest rating!

The game is all about placing words and collecting points for skills and creativity.

Game features:

  • ELO rating and top lists
  • Play against your FaceBook friends and track your victories and losses
  • Play against random players on your own level
  • Chat with your friends and opponents while playing
  • Great word lists in many languages: Brazilian, Danish, English (International), English (US), Faroese, French, German, Greenlandic, Icelandic, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, and Swedish
  • The opponent can approve words not listed in the game dictionaries
  • Compete on 5 different boards: The default board, the random board, the blank board, Blue Heaven and Diagonal Bonus
  • Chat with your friends and opponents while playing
  • Play an unlimited number of games simultaneously

Basic rules:

  • WordZone is an online word game for 2 players
  • Choose an opponent among your friends or let the app find one based on your skill level
  • Given 7 letters of different value, you collect points by placing words on a tile board. Proper names and most abbreviations are not allowed
  • Get the most points and beat your opponent!

WordZone is developed in co-operation with publishing houses all over Europe in order to give you the best word lists available. New languages will be added regularly!